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Deliver a stellar brand experience

The more engaged employees are with your brand, the better they’ll perform—and the longer they’ll stay. Capture each new hire’s imagination with an immersive brand experience right from day one. With social interactivity, rich multimedia, and step-by-step action tasks, they’ll enjoy a greater sense of purpose in their work.

The result? Motivated, productive employees who are capable of delivering results.

Examples of lessons on Xpand
A screenshot of the Xpand web application
A screenshot of the Xpand web application

Reach peak performance, faster

Quickly diagnose inefficiencies in your onboarding and training processes. Xpand lets you collect data on engagement, performance, satisfaction, hiring source, and more. Pinpoint areas for optimization, and give hiring managers the information they need to course-correct early and often. Xpand puts measurable results at the center of your HR department.

Cut costs and reduce hassle

Xpand automates cumbersome, time-consuming steps in the onboarding process. From benefits enrollment and training completion to I-9 verification and housing requests, the platform significantly reduces administrative burden. You’ll discover savings you didn’t think were possible, and your staff can focus exclusively on work that generates revenue.

Say goodbye to administrative hassles

Xpand saves you money you didn’t even realize you were spending. Automate time-consuming tasks like I-9 verification, housing requests, training completion, benefits enrollment, and more. The platform eliminates cumbersome tasks for new hires too—all forms are filled out, signed, and submitted digitally.

A screenshot of the Xpand web application
A screenshot of the Xpand web application

Streamline fragmented processes

The beauty of Xpand’s single, integrated platform is that everything is in one place. Administer large-scale communication and private, one-to-one messages from the same central hub. Access progress data, email threads, relevant documents, and employee records at a moment’s notice. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.